by Heather Morales

How to Make Custom Headpins

July 21, 2019

Mini Headpin Tutorial

It can be frustrating when you start a project then realize you don’t have enough headpins to complete the piece you’re working on. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to create your own headpins.

In this tutorial, I’m using 1½ inch of 26 gauge wire. Any gauge wire will work and the length will vary in regards to the size bead you are using but using 26 gauge wire works great for the average hole size for smaller beads. In this tutorial, I am using a 3 x 5mm peridot bead.

When the headpin is finished, typically you would want the wire to extend at least ¾ to 1 inch past the end of the bead. This will give you enough wire to create an average wrapped loop.

Step 1 – Prep and cut 26 gauge wire to 1 1/2 inches in length.
Step 2 – Hammer the tip of your wire about ¼ inch in.
Step 3 – Hammer, nice and flat. Make sure you hammer both sides of the wire, this will evens out the flatten wire. Also, if there are small mars from hammering it may smooth it out slightly.
Step 4 – With your round nose pliers, bring them to the very tip of the flatten part of the wire and create a complete curl.
Step 5 – Gripping with the flat nose on each side of your curl, then roll your wire onto itself 2 1/2 full rotations to create a spiral.
Step 6 – Tighten the spiral for a clean look.
Step 7 – Gripping your wire just below the curl with your flat nose pliers.
Step 8 – Still gripping your wire, using your thumb, push the spiral back onto itself slightly. This will even your spiral onto its center point.
Step 6 – Tighten the spiral for a clean look.