Welcome to my portfolio/gallery page and thank you for showing an interest in what is near and dear to me! Below are the creative work I have done throughout the years. There are three main categories, which are; Jewelry, Art and Digital.


I've been creating jewelry since 2006, it started with simple beaded bracelets (seen below). Then I discovered a few jewelry making magazines and was blown away with how creative people were in making jewelry. I quickly became obsessed with sterling and copper wire jewelry.  Starting with chain maille to wire wrapping and now to wire weaving. I would love to advance into Silver Smithing a little more, specifically Soldering.


I'm so grateful to my mom for exposing me to art at such a young age. Drawing with pencils has been my first love in art medium. I have dabbled in other mediums, but most comfortable with graphite pencils. Thinking I was keeping in my comfort zone, I've decided to switch to color pencils. Not realizing how different they really are from graphite pencils, it really has become a welcoming challenge in itself. 


Creating digital art, even marketing creatives was influenced by my awesome hubby. He introduced me to the wonderful world of Adobe back in 1999/2000. Also, with owning our Web firm, I became proficient in Photoshop and Illustrated and then about 10 years later I was introduced to Indesign. I've always joked how working in Adobe is my "Happy Place", it truly is one of the tools I feel most comfortable with.

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